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How do you introduce your kids to toys that are not only fun but make them marvel at the natural wonders of the world?


TOYOPS has the answer. 


Learning through Play


Teach your kids Biology the fun way.


TOYOPS represents the best in education toys and kits. Our award winning line of educational science kits feature playful tadpole shrimp or triops that date back to the Triassic period. Not only do the triops in our kits make great pets, they teach your kids how to be responsible. All of the triops we supply are raised in labs right here in the US of A.


Just Add Water - Your Kids will be Hooked


Just add water and viola! Instant Triops!


Hatch your triops or let their eggs remain dormant until you need to use them. Triops eggs can remain dormant for a hundred years. How else do you think they outlasted the dinosaurs?


What is more exciting than watching a prehistoric creature that breathes through its feet and swims upside down? Hatching it from an egg. That’s right! TOYOPS is the exclusive distributor of toys that allow your kids to grow their own triops.


The best part is that parents can join in the fun. Help your kids set up their kits. Watch them marvel at the natural world and see how triops live in their natural habitat in Secrets of Pangea Mountain in our line of Just Look™. Launch their journey into the world of Triassic Triops™. TOYOPS is also an exclusive distributor of all Space Farm™ products.


Why Triops?


If your kids love dinosaurs, they are going to love Triops. The “living dinosaurs” are remnants from the prehistoric era and are related to daphnia, fairy shrimp and horseshoe crabs.


The famed “living fossils” have remained unchanged for 300 million years till the upper Triassic age. They were swimming in pools when the dinosaurs walked the earth and millions of years after the last dinosaur breathed its last. They were here when Pangea split into the seven continents that we know today. They were here when several larger species became extinct.  They are still here and are virtually unchanged!


The Awards Speak for Themselves


Our toys work and have won a number of awards throughout the years that we have been in business. Our products have won the National Parenting Seal of Approval, Leisure Libraries Good Toy Gold Award, the iParenting Media Award and Dr. Toy’s award for Toy of the Year.


Call them tadpole shrimp or triops. These tiny creatures offer hours of fun. Get in on the action and help your kids hatch, grow, observe and document what it is that made these age old crustaceans withstand the test of time.  





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