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Our Web/Privacy Policies

Triops, Inc. does not collect your personal information on our website unless you place an order with us. In that case, we have to for bookkeeping purposes. If you write to us by email, we will probably save your email and thus your email address, in case we need to speak with you in the future.


Rest assured, though, that we won't send you unsolicited mail or email or bug you with phone calls during dinner or primetime TV. We'll never sell your information either. We promise.


We realize that is a place that children might venture, so we opted not to have a message board.  As we receive email, letters, and science photos that you send us, we will do our best to remove all identifying information, except for your name, before posting your letters on the website.


This will help to protect your privacy while letting people know that we're not a bunch of crazies who send ourselves fan mail. I mean, we're a little weird, but we're not that weird.



Send your email to

All artwork and photography on this website is copyrighted. Please do not use it without our permission, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

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